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Marketing Automation

Today, Industry leading marketers are utilising intelligent data and insight gathering techniques that allows them to prospect and filter their database and inbound leads for those who are ready to buy now.

Email Marketing

We have the ability to reach over 4 million Australian consumers with your message. Drive new business and interact with the right demographic of consumer when they are ready to transact with your business.

Social Media Management

We assist our clients to build real brand exposure and engage with their audience through multiple social channels.


Co-registration lead generation is a little know method of building your database and acquiring highly targeted leads on a cost per lead basis.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Are your customers able to find you in search engines? When a potential client Google’s your product or service, do they find you or your competitor? We can help you with that!

Lead Generation Strategy

We have the expertise to help you reach your growth goals by implementing the right lead generation strategy, with the right message, at the right time to suit your target audience.

How it works?

Not only we conduct research into which leads are right for your business to generate, but we aim for optimal conversion and will assist you with contacting and nurturing your leads as cogently as possible. At Traffix we know that every industry and business within that industry requires an individual or tailored solution and with this understanding we ensure this is reflected in how we approach each campaign.

Quality Lead Generation

Our co-registration survey allows consumers to sign up for and proactively show interest in your product or service. Therefore these leads would like to be contacted by your company. All the leads are opted-in through our online collection pages from where the data is being verified by our unique data filtering system.

Email Marketing Leads

Using our existing relationships with some of Australia’s leading third party, spam and privacy compliant email marketing lists, you will be able to access and deliver your campaign to a new source of potential clients. Outbound email marketing campaigns in many cases, can be implemented on a pay-per-lead model, allowing for maximum brand exposure but you would only need to pay for the leads that you generate from the campaign.

We Offer 2 Options:
BYO Campaign
  • You already have a eDm campaign that you have run elsewhere
  • You already have an effective CPL$
  • You can provide HTML eDm and Landing pages.
  • Targeting: Age, Gender, Postal
  • Delivery: Traffix Email Platform
  • CPL: $ (Get a Quote)
  • Volume: 100-20,000 Leads/month
Traffix Assist
  • We can assist you to create an effective HTML eDm and landing page from in-house and preferred design contacts.
  • Targeting: Age, Gender, Postal
  • Delivery: Traffix Email Platform
  • CPL: $ (Get a Quote)
  • Volume: 100-20,000 Leads/month

B2C Telemarketing Leads

One of the most effective ways to generate highly qualified leads that are specifically interested in your product or service is Co-registration, through an online survey. Co-registration leads are suitable for telemarketing purposes, and for products that are interesting to a niche target group.

We Offer 2 Options:
Fresh Live Data Feed - API
  • First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Email Address, Address, Postal State, Suburb, Telephone Number, IP, Timestamp and Answer Question.
  • Targeting: Age, Gender, Postal, interest in product or service
  • Delivery: API or CSV
  • CPL: $0.50 - $12,00 AUD
  • Volume: 100-120,000 per month
Historical Data Pre Generated
  • First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Email Address, Address, Postal State, Suburb, Telephone Number, IP, Timestamp and Answers Multiple Questions.
  • Targeting: Age, Gender, Postal, interest in product or service
  • Delivery: CSV File
  • CPL: From $0.08 AUD per record
  • Volume: 2.86 + Million Available



The online travel market is one that is increasing daily. We can help you achieve a large and healthy database to gain extra revenue, and to expand your reach. Our quality leads will allow you to deliver all the latest deals to many new subscribers.


The telecom sector relies heavily relies on quality lead generation to sustain a healthy flow of new customers. Co-registration makes it possible for complex mobile phone-, broadband- and all-in-one subscriptions, to generate qualitative pre-qualified leads that will boost your call center’s ROI.

Daily Deals

The bigger the reach of your database, the more you can bring deals under the attention of consumers, thus equally generating more revenue. Our daily deal partners that have increased their database exponentially in the past, continue to see more sales in the present.


In todays competitive marketplace we see established energy providers competing with upcoming solar technologies. Therefore co-registration is a great way to get in contact with consumers that are specifically interested in what you have to OFFER.


Co-registration is one of the strongest and most ROI driven channels for the insurance industry to generate new customers. Because of the product variety of most insurance companies, a multiple question co-registration campaign will filter those leads that are valuable per product offering.


Financial products always demand a certain expertise on the sales side to acquire new business. Therefore it is an absolute must to get the right people on the phone that are pre-qualified on actual interest for your product. Luckily our co-registration solution offers an answer to that challenge.


Nowadays we see a huge shift in the educational sector, from offline to online, to reach new students. To build out your client portfolio, a strong online presence is needed to sustain growth. Co-registration campaigns are a valuable asset to recruit potential new students and widen the reach of your products.


Both retailers and E-Tailers are very dependent nowadays on acquiring new business through email marketing, since this is still the most effective channel to reach potential customers. Building up a strong email database is an absolute must to generate extra traffic to your webshops and stores.


Email List in Australia

7+ Million AU consumers.

Co-Reg Leads In Australia

Volume AU 100,000 – 120.000 leads per month

Telemarketing Leads in Australia

Volume: 2.68+ Million AU Consumers Growing x 100k per month


We specialise in lead generation services and have extensive experience from the client side of marketing, which makes us a valuable tool to your business. At Traffix you can be assured that with our experience and expertise, we will identify with your position, understand your need for ROI and we will know exactly how to get it for you.

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